Social Media Distractions

Every Sunday morning around 9 am I get an alert about my screen time. It goes something like this: Your screen time was down 15% from last week at an average of 6 hours 46 minutes per day. Screen time stats are based on many things. Texting, emails, safari searches, apps, entertainment, social media etc.Continue reading “Social Media Distractions”

Why is Social Media important for your brand?

The million dollar question… Why social media? There are several reasons why but here are my top 4! 1. Social Media increases brand awareness and loyalty – When you post to your social media channels anyone who follows or likes your business will see it. Every time you post you are getting in front ofContinue reading “Why is Social Media important for your brand?”

Why does my business need a Facebook page?

All businesses, large or small, should have a social presence on Facebook. Having a Facebook business page gives you a way to communicate with your target audience. Your fans want to hear more about you, your business, and any sales or offers you have in real time. You can ask your audience questions and getContinue reading “Why does my business need a Facebook page?”

What is the difference between a Facebook profile and Facebook page?

A Facebook profile is your personal profile about you. A Facebook page is your businesses digital presence on Facebook. Your customers and fans follow you on your page to learn more about your business. You need a personal profile on Facebook before you can create a page. Here is a great article regarding the difference:Continue reading “What is the difference between a Facebook profile and Facebook page?”