Meet Fran

Hi! I’m Fran!

I completely fell into Social Media management by accident….

Literally by accident and found out that I love it! I have been in marketing and sales for 30 years. I love connecting with people and establishing relationships. My passion for social media started when I started working in network marketing for a health and wellness company 5 years ago as a stay at home mom to earn some extra income for my family.  Since social media was the way to promote the business, I learned  quickly how to promote and engage with my audience.  I started a blog 10 years ago when my twins were born but life got crazy and I put it on the back burner.  I jumpstarted the blog again as a lifestyle blog and renamed it “Busy Fit Mom Life” a year ago.  I love sharing all things family, health, fitness, DIY, recipes, and organization tips to my audience.  In order to promote my blog, I had to learn social media channels and decided to make Facebook and Instagram my concentration.  Last May I started working at my CrossFit gym, helping them with their social media by posting daily on Facebook and Instagram, email marketing, and content creation. I fell in love with what I was doing and decided to turn this passion into a business. I have a business and marketing degree from Kent State University and have educated myself on both Facebook and Instagram by taking online courses. Social media is a never ending ‘learning’ process but I love the challenge of learning new things and how the ever changing algorithms work.  

Let me show you how I can make your social presence shine on line!

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