Social Media Distractions

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Every Sunday morning around 9 am I get an alert about my screen time. It goes something like this:

Your screen time was down 15% from last week at an average of 6 hours 46 minutes per day.

Screen time stats are based on many things. Texting, emails, safari searches, apps, entertainment, social media etc. It is also tells you how many times you pick up your phone and how productive you are during the day/week.

As a small business owner, you are pulled in many directions and have many tasks to accomplish daily to make your business profitable. Social media is one of those tasks of running your business but it can be time consuming and distracting. You probably find yourself endlessly scrolling and an hour later your still scrolling and haven’t been efficient at all #thestruggleisreal Here are a few things you can do to get rid of the distractions and run your business.

Remove your self from groups. People used to be able to add you to groups without your approval. Facebook has changed that. You have to be invited and accept that invitation. Take some time to go through your groups and leave them if they don’t pertain or interest you anymore.

Hide ads. If you are getting too many ads in your feed you can hide the ones that do not pertain to you. On the post the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner and click hide ad.

Delete any tempting Facebook games. Games on Facebook can definitely take up a lot of time. Delete them!

Set a schedule for social media. Set a social media schedule during that day and stick with it by setting a timer for 3 times per day. This does not include posting. Your posts should already be scheduled by using a social media monthly calendar. When the timer goes off be done with that task.

If you are running your business on social media, and that scheduled time is taking time away from your business, then you may want to up that ‘scheduled’ time or think about hiring a social media consultant to help you.

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Married to Karl for 23 years, mother of 4, CrossFit enthusiast, and organization freak! I love all things 'social' especially helping brands stand out on line! I am a lifestyle blogger and social media consultant who helps small businesses with their social media presence online because they simply don't have time! Let me help you make your brand shine!

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