New Year… New Beginnings!

The other day I read this quote on LinkedIn from Sara Blakely the founder of Spanx. I stopped and read it 5 more times. It resonated with me. It gave me the slap in the face I needed. It was a sign …


I have been working on this labor of love for the last several months. You see, I have been trying to figure out my next career path. I have been fortunate to be a stay at home mom for 12 years. My kids are getting older and are more self sufficient, but still need me, especially Riley. If you don’t know, Riley was born with a rare syndrome called Cornelia de Lange syndrome. More on his story here:

I have always wanted to get back into the workforce but getting a job needed to be VERY flexible. I looked for part-time and even full-time ‘flexible’ jobs on LinkedIn and Indeed, but most jobs were ‘on location’ with no flexibility. I need flexibility. I love to work (yes, I do:) but I need flexibility. My degree is in business with a concentration in marketing. Prior to raising my kids I was in sales and marketing for 20+ years. I was a chemical rep for a large Fortune 500 company. My super power? Creating, managing, and establishing relationships. I was good at it. I loved it! After that 10 year role, I moved from Cleveland, Ohio to the ATL in 1999 to work for my Uncles corporate art and framing company. I was the VP of Sales and Marketing. I once again used my super powers to create, manage, and establish relationships with my customers. Then, a 12 year hiatus was taken to raise our 4 kids. Marketing has changed so much in 12 years. Fast forward and Social Media marketing is now all the rage. Most if not all businesses are taking their marketing to social media and if they are not, they are missing out. I have been teaching myself social media marketing and taking classes to sharpen my skills.

So why did I decide to teach myself? Because I was given an opportunity to do social media management for 3 small businesses the last 8 months and fell in LOVE with it. These opportunities literally showed me what I was looking for and the path that I should travel. There is such a need for this service for small businesses because it’s time consuming and always changing. I enjoy creating their marketing strategy by listening to their story and learning about their business. I love creating content, creating graphics, figuring out how each platform works, the best strategy to use, email marketing, and so much more. The flexible hours of being able to work on my time is just what I needed. With the support of Karl, I started creating my own social media company a few months ago. I have learned a ton in this process. I even created my own website!

Am I scared? Yep!

Am I nervous? Yep!

Am I afraid of what people will think? Nope! Because I strongly believe that ‘what others think of me, is none of my business’. I heard that a long time ago and I couldn’t agree with it more. If you always worry what others think of you, you won’t get anywhere!

But what is the worst thing that can happen? If I don’t try I won’t know.

So let me introduce to you – Fran Rissland Media! What do I do? I help small business owners with a marketing strategy to build their brand on social media because they simply don’t have the time. Having the ‘time’ for social media strategy was the case with the business owners I am working with now and having the ‘time’ to do social media marketing strategy is the same complaint with the clients I am starting to onboard.

You can check out my services, testimonials, and a bit more of my background on my website. If you know of a small business (any type and located anywhere) that needs help with their social presence, please send them my way! I would love to help them shine online and help them grow their business through social media marketing. I will be sharing blog posts and tips along the way on both Facebook and Instagram. I hope you will follow me along the way on both Facebook and Instagram by clicking on the social icons. I would love it if you subscribed to my newsletter to keep in touch. I promise I won’t spam you either because who likes that? Here’s to a new adventure!


Fran Rissland

Published by franrissland

Married to Karl for 23 years, mother of 4, CrossFit enthusiast, and organization freak! I love all things 'social' especially helping brands stand out on line! I am a lifestyle blogger and social media consultant who helps small businesses with their social media presence online because they simply don't have time! Let me help you make your brand shine!

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