Why is Social Media important for your brand?

The million dollar question… Why social media? There are several reasons why but here are my top 4!

1. Social Media increases brand awareness and loyalty When you post to your social media channels anyone who follows or likes your business will see it. Every time you post you are getting in front of a potential customer. If the content is of value, whether it be a blog post or a silly meme, and your followers share it you will get more reach in front of their audience as well. What happens is your are creating brand awareness.

2. Social Media helps you connect with your target audience potential customers looks to social media to connect which is why your business should be on social media.

3. Social Media improves client retention – you want repeat customers right? Having open communication on your channels with your customers is important in building deeper relationships. Boost customer loyalty by giving them a voice to comment and reply in a prompt manner.

4. Social Media increases traffic and conversions on your website – Have blog posts to share about your business? Add those links to your social media channels. Every time someone clicks on a link you post it directs them to your website and creates traffic to your website. The more clicks, the more traffic, and the higher your business will rank in a google search.

Overwhelmed with social media? Let me help! Schedule a 15 minute call to find out.

Published by franrissland

Married to Karl for 23 years, mother of 4, CrossFit enthusiast, and organization freak! I love all things 'social' especially helping brands stand out on line! I am a lifestyle blogger and social media consultant who helps small businesses with their social media presence online because they simply don't have time! Let me help you make your brand shine!

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